Spathiphyllum – is an evergreen perennial plant native to South America. The peculiarity of this plant is that it has no stem. Spathiphyllum is a heat-loving plant and does not like drafts.

In general, spathiphyllum is an easy to keep plant. The important thing is to follow a few simple rules. Its leaves can become flaccid and drooping if the ball of soil is dried. If the temperature is below 16°C, the plant does not grow and develop normally. Direct sunlight can cause heat injury on the leaves or change their color.

Temperature. Since spathiphyllum is a heat-loving plant, it grows well only at temperatures above 18°C and the best temperature for its growth is 22-23°C. It is important that the temperature does not fall below 16°C.

Watering. Spathiphyllum needs watering during the whole year. In summer and during flowering, watering should be abundant, in winter it should be moderate. But even in winter, it is important not to allow the soil to dry out. Water for irrigation should be soft and clear. If the leaves of spathiphyllum droop, it means that the plant needs watering.


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