About us

First of all, we would like to tell you that our name is not accidental. “Family-Flowers” is actually a family business. This whole story started 25 years ago with one small and simple idea: “Let’s try to grow flowers!” And what do you think happened next? The hard way was ahead, but our idea began to live, develop, become stronger, bear fruit, and today we grow more than 10 kinds of roses by ourselves.

At first it was just a usual sale of grown flowers, but now we daily create with great joy and inspiration a wide variety of flower compositions of different sizes and colors. Dreams do come true, especially when you treat your work with love and awe! As you can see, our family flower business has changed from a simple craft into our whole existence and now is an integral part of our lives. Having worked in this field for many years, we can certainly say that floristry is a fine art which demands a lot of hard work every day. In every flower bouquet we create, we contribute our mood, our own skills and we think carefully about the smallest details. Each time we make the bouquet, we keep in mind that every flower should have its own place, and what we have to do is to find that special place. We really like decorating the flower compositions and we think that decor is an important element of the whole work. Idea, harmony and uniqueness are the three fundamental ingredients that help us create new bouquets.

We, “Family-Flowers”, learn, grow, create, improve, do experiments, and all these actions are aimed at bringing even more joy, inspiration and colors to your life!