Correct ordering procedure

An order is considered to be correctly made only when the Client provides the full information about the recipient of the order and gives all necessary contact data (all necessary fields are filled in during making the order).

The Client’s correctly made order is accepted for execution and delivery only after receiving from the Client 100% prepayment of the cost of this order.

• Commencement of the agreement

The moment of entering into this agreement between the client and our site is considered the moment of placing an order on the site or in another convenient way for the client. All further actions with the order take place within the framework of this agreement and the client confirms acceptance of all conditions and rules listed in this agreement.

Possible time for ordering and delivery

Orders receipt and processing are carried out from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m..

You can choose the available delivery date and time when ordering.

Ordering and delivery costs

The cost of the order includes the price of the flower composition and in case there are additional attributes (a soft toy, sweets, fruits, etc.), then additionally their cost and, of course, the price of the delivery.

Extra charge. Payment system commission.

In some payment systems, there is a fee that is added to the total order amount. In any case, any additional charges that may be added to your order are displayed in the shopping cart when placing your order!

The list of additional services that you can add when placing your order:


Service “Surprise Delivery”

When ordering this service, our logistics specialist do not contact the recipient, the delivery man just goes to the address at the specified time given in the order. If the recipient is absent /not available or the address is incorrect, then the delivery man calls the recipient and is waiting at the address given! In any case, the service “Surprise Delivery” is considered to be completed. Should it appear that you need to deliver to another place or at another time, the price will be charged as for another delivery.


• Service “Delivery by a specific time”

When ordering this service, delivery is made at the specific time specified by the customer and can be accurate to within 15 minutes. For example, if the specified time is 12:00, we reserve the right to deliver the order between 11:45 and 12:15. In case of recipient’s refusal to accept the delivery at the time specified by the customer, our logistics specialists will postpone the delivery to the time that is convenient for the recipient. In any case, the service “Delivery by a specific time” is considered to be fulfilled.


Service “A Photo Report”

When ordering this service, the delivery man takes the photo of the recipient with the bouquet or the flower composition after handing over the order. If the recipient refuses to be photographed, the customer is provided with a photo of the bouquet without the recipient. In any case, the service “Photo Report” is considered to be fulfilled.


2. Rules for processing, execution and delivery of orders.

• Processing of orders

If the order contains all necessary information about the customer and the recipient of the order and the order is paid, the order is transferred for execution! Delivery cannot be completed earlier than three hours after full payment or additional payment by the customer. Keep this in mind if you plan to pay for your order later.

Execution of the order may be suspended if the client has provided the incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information about the recipient. The order will be processed again as soon as the data have been reconsidered.

Execution of orders

Before execution of an order, our employees contact the recipient to confirm their willingness to accept the order at the specified date, time and address! If the delivery time specified in the order does not coincide with the time requested by the recipient, the time is changed to a convenient time for the recipient!

If the recipient refuses to accept the order or the recipient is not in the city or country, the order can be suspended and the customer will be informed.

If the service “Surprise delivery” is activated in the order, the order is transferred to execution without a call to the recipient and his confirmation. This kind of order is considered to be fulfilled even if the order has not been delivered, either because the recipient refuses to receive it or because the recipient is not in the city.

Delivery of orders

Delivery of the order is carried out during the time interval specified by the client or the recipient, in the interval of not less than 3 hours, and on holidays not less than 5 hours from the start and end time of delivery.

In case of bad weather, holiday or pre-holiday traffic jams on the roads, as well as other unforeseen circumstances, the delivery man may be late up to 5 hours after the final delivery time. In such situations, the delivery man calls the recipient and informs about the change of the delivery time.

In case the service “Surprise Delivery” is activated and when the delivery man arrives at the given address and finds out that the address given by the customer is incorrect (mistake in the number of the house or apartment, street, or the recipient did not live or no longer lives at the address), the order is considered to be correctly and fully executed. It is possible to deliver this order to the customer’s re-specified address in the same city and now for an additional charge. If the customer refuses to deliver the order to the new address, payment for the order will not be refunded.

When the service “Surprise Delivery” is activated, and sometimes with regular deliveries, and the recipient refuses to accept the bouquet when the order is already delivered by delivery man to the recipient’s address. In this case, the order is considered to be correctly and completely executed.


3. Return and refund policy

Although floral and grocery products are non-refundable or exchangeable in accordance with the applicable Ukrainian legislation – the return, exchange and redelivery, Family-Flowers may do so on our own initiative with the right to refuse the return or exchange.

3.1. Procedure and deadline for making a complaint:

–   Complaint about the quality of the bouquet or other goods can be submitted within 3 hours after delivery.

–   Complaints about the quality and freshness must be submitted with added photos. Photos sent after 3 hours from the moment of order fulfillment are taken into consideration. Photos can be sent to Viber, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype or e-mail. Be sure to include the details of the order and the name of the payer or the recipient. Third party complaints are not accepted.

–     A delayed complaint is accepted only if the exact delivery time is specified in the order and the service “Surprise delivery” is activated. In other cases, delivery is agreed with the recipient and can be rescheduled for the time convenient for the recipient.

3.2. Procedure and terms of consideration of the complaint:

–     We try to respond to our customers’ complaints as quickly as possible and the maximum time for dealing with a complaint is 24 hours.

–     If the flowers do not look appropriately at the moment of handing over the order, the customer has the right to request a complete replacement of the product or to request a full or a partial refund.

–     If one of the items is missing in the delivered order, Family-Flowers will redeliver the missing item at our own expense. A postcard with the logo of our workshop is provided free of charge and cannot be considered as a product.

–     The photo report is agreed with the recipient and the absence of the photo report cannot be a reason for complaint.

3.3. Procedure and terms of refund:

–     Refunds are made within 3 days of the decision to refund.

–     If the refund is due to:

  1. refusal to receive the bouquet by the recipient
  2. we are not able to reach the recipient by phone and there are no alternative phone numbers
  3. the recipient is not in the city and cannot accept the bouquet
  4. the customer has decided not to give the bouquet

In such cases, the customer will be charged with a fee of at least 10% of the order price and a maximum of 100% of the order price. The refund amount depends on the expenses of the company.

3.4. Refunds are made only to the payer and cannot be paid to the third parties.


4. Rules for compliance with quality and product conformity.

4.1. Quality of delivered products.

–     The company guarantees the highest quality of the service. All floral products that we use are fresh and stored according to all requirements and standards. All vegetables, fruits, meat and other groceries are purchased only from specialty stores, their shelf life and storage conditions are always checked.

The following rules are applied to the packed products:

–     The shelf life should not be less than a third part of the entire shelf life of the product. For example, a cake that has a shelf life of 72 hours should not have more than 48 hours at the time of delivery.

The following rules are applied to fruits and vegetables:

–     Incorrect product shape, dark spots and spots that are natural are allowed. Bananas are allowed with blackening that is natural. A bunch of grapes may contain some damaged berries.

4.2. Conformity of delivered products.

–   Family-Flowers work towards, but do not guarantee, 100% product conformity with the photo of the product.

We do not guarantee that at the moment of placing the order, all components of the product will be available and if the replacement is insignificant (less than 30% of the bouquet), the company can make the decision on an insignificant replacement without notifying the client.

Color spectrum of the product may also differ from the photo of the product, the tint of a flower of the same color is also sometimes different, and packs of the same color may not be available.

Packaging products such as boxes, containers, baskets, wrapping paper may vary in color, size and shape, the presence of handles and other items.

The length of a flower for a standard bouquet (length is not specified in the composition) can vary from 40 cm to 80 cm, depending on the availability of flowers. If the length of the flower is indicated in the composition, a deviation of length of 10 cm from the specified length in the composition is allowed, both to the larger side and to the smaller side.

Such products as balloons, soft toys, cakes, candies may vary by manufacturer’s name, color, size and weight. In case some of these products are not available, Family-Flowers make their own decision to replace them with similar products of similar value.