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Birthday bouquet

“Bird of Paradise”

Size: H - 50cm D - 40cm

Birthday bouquet

“Field Flowering”

Size: H - 45cm D - 35cm

Birthday bouquet

“In the Rhythm of Jazz”

Size: H - 50cm D - 35cm

Birthday bouquet

“The Rays of the Sun”

Size: H - 35cm D - cm
Size: H - 50cm D - 45cm
Size: H - 50cm D - 50cm
Size: H - 50cm D - 40cm
Size: H - 65cm D - 30cm
Size: H - 50cm D - 40cm

Bouquet of eustomas

Bouquet “Lilac dreams”

Size: H - 50cm D - 40cm

Bouquet of spray roses

Bouquet “Royal shades”

Size: H - 80cm D - 60cm
Size: H - 50cm D - 35cm

«I'm just a thread binding the bouquet.
I’m not the person who created the flowers, their shape, color and smell.
My only merit is that I collected them and put them in a bouquet,
in which they look in a new way…»
Bernard Werber «The Mystery of the Gods»

A unique flower bouquet is always a great idea for a gift that immediately brings a lot of joy, light and inspiration. And the original bouquet from Family Flowers is even a better idea, no matter if it is a bouquet for someone special and dear to your heart, or for an unknown person. Our florists, taking into account all the necessary details and special wishes, will choose for you interesting and individual variants of bouquets as a present. We make sure that the flowers in each bouquet we create are fresh, high quality and made with love.